New Tidal albums not showing up in Roon

So with new release Friday, we are missing albums again.

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And mentioned is other thread, data is missing too

Sounds like server issues to me, on whose side IDK. Hopefully they get the issue corrected so there is a 100% mirror to what’s on Tidal at all times.

So can this be looked at again. I noticed a new Tuesday album added this morning but the missing ones were still missing.

I haven’t checked to see if any of today’s new albums were missing from Roon. I believe new releases on Tuesday is much smaller now since switching to Friday’s a month or so ago.

This is so strange. The Animal Collective and a-ha releases were showing up in Roon but now they are gone along with the 2 latest new releases from the Tidal website (Prince & Travis Scott) not there either… something ain’t right.

So all the albums showed up but missing one new one:

Also, not showing any albums past The Meth Lab in new releases.

Lastly, I see no start ratings or reviews for any of the albums in the past week.

I’ll check again tomorrow when new Friday albums come out.

All the new Friday ones showed up but that one album is still missing. Also have the problem of only showing a limited amount of new releases. It only goes to Beach House Depression Cherry and then see blank spots. And still no ratings or reviews.

Hey everyone – sorry for the slow response here!

All the metadata you see in Roon comes from our cloud services, and the process by which this database gets updated is not trivial. The metadata comes to us from multiple sources at different times, as do updates to our Tidal library. Even if all the data showed up together at exactly the right moment, it would still take time to process, verify, and release.

We’ve heard the feedback in this thread and elsewhere about the delay, and this week we kicked off some work focused on refining, streamlining, and automating this process, so this information can be updated more regularly with as little lag as possible. That said, even in the best circumstances generating the newest database takes time, and it’s safe to assume there will some slight delay before the latest information shows up in our database.

The good news is that in Roon, metadata updates in your collection happen automatically in the background. If you rip an album the minute it’s released, it may not get any extended metadata, but Roon will keep checking back weekly, updating your album with the latest information. This will happen automatically for new imports unless you manually edit the album, in which case we won’t overwrite your edits.

As I mentioned above, we’re working to minimize any lag and make our cloud service’s update process automatic and predictable. I understand the frustration, and I can tell you that we’re working on it. Expect more updates as the project proceeds over the next couple of weeks. Thanks everyone!

Thanks Mike.

My worry was more that there was a bug in fetching the data than there being a delay. It would be nice if it was all there the day new releases show up but slight delay is ok. But to me that should only be a few days versus a few weeks.

The beauty of your program is its all self contained. So having to still look at for a review of a new album takes away from that experience. So that’s why I’m still on the fence about a lifetime subscription. I’m waiting to see what future updates will bring. Also hoping load to ram playback is added to improve sound quality.

Hi @iamoneagain

In relation to ram playback, this was a pretty interesting post by @danny relating to HQPlayer integration:

Thanks for info on HQPlayer. I’ll keep this on topic going forward but few issues with HQPlayer are it currently doesn’t support ALAC files and it’s an additional $147 for license. There has been mention that they plan to add ram play like Audirvana does because it can improve sound and they said it’s a simple add once player is 64 bit version.

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So I checked today’s new releases and while much has improved, the big album they’re plugging on Tidal is missing from Roon, The Dead Weather. Kind of disappointed. Also don’t know why allmusic info takes over 2 weeks load. And lastly, there’s a bug with new releases only showing last 30 when it used to show more.

While I love what Roon does for my existing catalog, I think it needs a big improvement with regards to new releases. I wish it had something like what allmusic has, with all the featured new releases. It should also have recommended new releases based on our library. Even Tidal itself has a recommended section. We also can’t view new releases by genre because the data’s not there. At least give us the genre section Tidal has if can’t supply on your own.

As said, I’m in a wait and see mode. Roon does most things right but new releases is my only disappointment. Since I pay for Tidal, I like to check the new releases each week and Roon doesn’t give me anything more that the Tidal app does. In fact if give me less since key albums aren’t there on day one.

Not having the new Dead Weather album has been bugging me all week. I’ve been using the TIDAL app just to play that album, then switching to Roon for other albums. Not convenient to say the least.

Today I tried Amarra For TIDAL and found the new Dead Weather album available like all the other new releases. It plays just fine.

Roon needs to either make an adjustment to pull in albums like this or let us know if they can’t make TIDAL exclusive albums like this available until the standard release day.

Depends what they mean by exclusive. Roon had the new single IIRC so that whetted the appetite for me.

I don’t think it has anything to do with it being exclusive, but the syncing of database bug still in effect. There is no reason new albums on Tidal shouldn’t be on Roon within the same day.

I’ve kind of given up on this. I’m sure you can look at tomorrow’s new releases and find something missing from Roon. Whatever Amarra for Tidal is using is always up to date. Too bad they currently have a terrible interface.

I also don’t understand why still takes 2 weeks. I thought both these issues were fixed but apparently there’s still a big lag.

The only reason I mention the exclusivity is that the other new releases from last week appeared on the correct day. The Dead Weather album was released to TIDAL exclusively last Friday and will be released to the world tomorrow. If it appears in Roon tomorrow that might give us an idea.

But they had same issue with new Prince album not showing up on time but there now. Would think if Amarra can get latest feeds that matches Tidal, so can Roon.

I think Dead Weather was pushed out on Tidal after the standard releases went out and Roon never synced up since. I have no idea why wouldn’t be resolved within a day. But to me, it should be within same day if all bugs worked out. Pay too much to have delays.

Hey guys, the work I mentioned above is now in full swing and we’ll let everyone know when it’s complete. It’s a big project, but when it’s complete in a few weeks, it should reduce the lag for new releases significantly.

Thanks for update Mike. Must have missed that is was still a work in progress. I guess it was just fixing the set of missing albums and not the actually lag issue.

Just want to point out Dead Weather is still not there. I’m done posting in this thread until hear back from Roon that problem is solved within next few weeks.

My anger was due to thinking it was fixed and this is the best we get. It was my fault for missing Mike’s previous post that they were still working on it.

Also the new Graveyard is not there and this has been my most anticipated album of the past few months and it’s a little upsetting that a service I’m paying for doesn’t have it, same goes for the Dead Weather album… I see that Roon is working on it, but sorry I really do feel you’ve dropped the ball on this issue about it from the very start of the Roon/Tidal integration.