New Tidal Connection - Content Stutter/Gaps

Roon Core Machine

MBP 2021 M1 16G

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I have a 400Mbs+ WiFi connection running on Eero, so it’s not that.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Just got a Tidal subscription and connected it to my Roon. Works but playing music has occasional stutters and brief gaps (no music).

I have rebooted the machine, and generally have no performance issues. Anything I need to know about this Tidal connection without playback issues?

Hi, you’d be surprised how may people say that …

As a trouble shooting test, can you hardwire your Mac Book Pro to the router (to help rule out WiFi issues)?

Could you also complete the “Connected Audio Devices” section above, including how they are connected to the Roon Core. This will help Roon’s @support team give you the best advice.

Thanks. Will try the Ethernet hardwire. I stream, torrent, etc a lot of stuff, including my own VOX hi-res server (similar bandwidth I’d assume) and never had an issue.

Connected audio devices primarily, is a HomePod stereo pair, but I believe I also had the issue (will confirm) with a Dragonfly and headphones connected directly to the MBP. I don’t think I’ve had one continuous play without glitches in my first two days with TIDAL.

Hi @Craig_Danuloff / @Craig_Danuloff1 ,

Hope you had a pleasant New Year’s! Have you had a chance to try the direct Ethernet connection, did that help if so? Are you able to play to the Mac’s System Output or Built-in Output without stutter? Do you have any error messages displayed when the issue occurs? Please let us know when possible!

I’ve always heard occasional stutters with tidal on a host of different streamers,ive upgraded my isp speed,bought new routers then bought a amplifi hd mesh setup,all my audio gear is hardwired aswell,dosent happen with quboz,I think this has something to do with mqa

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