New TIDAL release not appearing in Roon

Hi, I have problems with my TIDAL HIFI since you updated to Roon 1.2!
Roon don’t show my favorite Artist or Albums!
I recently released a new Album Strengberg tolkar Bellman on TIDAL etc… And one single, one EP that I released in November 2015 with Sacrifice 1985-2015! They are on TIDAL and I can play them on TIDAL, but when I search for my records on TIDAL in Roon I can’t find them? I have tried to make a playlist on TIDAL with the records, the playlist is coming up on Roon but there are no songs in the playlist so I get the message that I have forgot to put some songs in the playlist!!! I’m not a ego that’s only listen to my own records :slight_smile: But it’s frustrating to not be able to play them on Roon, for friends who are visiting and wants to hear, and be needing to close Roon so I can play in TIDAL instead!!! And of course is it also frustrating that my favorite artist and album doesn’t shows in Roon, so is Roon still compatible with TIDAL or what is going on!!! All the best, Anders Strengberg
PS. I love Roon and I understand that problems like this can be, when a upgrade is done! But please fix it. DS.

Hello @Anders_Strengberg,

Thanks for report and apologies for inconveniences. I’m sure we can solve this problem, would you mind to answer few questions:

  • What country do you live in?
  • Can you also paste here links to the TIDAL albums/tracks which didn’t show up in Roon?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I’m living in Sweden.

The Albums name is Strengberg tolkar Bellman

For what it’s worth exactly the same scenario in Dublin.


Same scenario in Holland (well, in Oslo, Norway, but behind a VPN), album visible and playable in Tidal, but not in Roon, not even if made a Tidal favourite and synched (but I can only find the full album on Tidal, not the single or EP).

This artist and album are not seen on Allmusic website. This may be why it never made it into Roon.

@mike, are you able to add this information into Roon’s metadata?

Cheers, Greg

I shall try it, I don’t know how it’s released! Because it’s another company that have released my Album, the single and EP with Sacrifice 1985-2015 was released by another! But all of them are on TIDAL and Sacrifice 1985-2015 is available on Roon, I don’t know if it takes a while to get the album on Roon? Because it was released in Friday’s the 22 April, but it are on TIDAL and some other places like Spotify, Dezzer, but have not yet come up on iTunes! The different places take different times.

Well, I checked yesterday and decided to wait 24 hours before commenting, as we had a metadata update in process and I wanted to wait to see if this album was included when it went live. Two things have happened in the last 24 hours.

First: Our latest TIDAL data went live, and the album is included, so this was just a delay as Roon’s metadata sources are processed. I can see the album now appears in our database.

Second: the album no longer appears in TIDAL :frowning:

Any idea what happened here @Anders_Strengberg?