New Titan replacing Nucleus +

Received new Roon Titan and removed drive from existing Nucleus +. Connected power and Ethernet plug to existing network as before. Stuck on “waiting for your Roon Server” screen on iPad. Need help. Sherwood

Your iPad may still be connected to your Nucleus+. Is there a message like “Select another Roon Server” showing? If so, click that and your iPad should find the Titan.

Screen only shows “Waiting for your Roon Server” Does not give me options. ie Select another Roon Server

Found Network Setting for nuceustitan - Connect as Registered User. Where do I find name and password?

Hello @Sherwood_Bollier ,

Can you please try pressing here and check to see if you can select the Nucleus Titan afterward?

2024-06-14 10_37_06-Typeform - Create - Vivaldi

Let us know, thanks!

Yes. I will try it. I will be traveling and not get to this until August 1st. Will I lose albums or playlists switching from Nucleaus to Titan? I did switch th SSD HD into the Titan. Thanks. Sherwood

Hi @Sherwood_Bollier ,

Your Roon-created playlists and library information is stored on the M2 SSD (not the internal storage SSD), so you would need to restore your backup, if you have not yet done so. Please see the below guide for more info: