New to Linux, thought I'd give it a try - help with problem please?

As above (and prompted by Danny Dulai’s prompt to send my dmesg) I installed Ububtu Server to try with Roonserver.

Installed Ubuntu server and Roonserver fine…alls working well.
Roon opens up and finds the Core fine on the Ipad controller.
Assumed I’d be able to set up Roon as normal and point it to the second hard drive in my Linux PC with all the music on it…job done.
EXCEPT…the 2nd hard drive isn’t being found!
(The missing hard drive was formatted in Windows as NTFS)

Its found in BIOS when booting the PC up, so connected and working ok.

When I installed Linux initially I had the second hard drive disconnected (bad habit from numerous Windows installs :)) and after install powered down and plugged the second drive in and switched on - Drive not found.

New to Linux, attracted to it’s “fit n forget” nature, so is there a command or program to mount the hard drive, or should I maybe have installed Linux with the hard drive installed rather than disconnecting it?

I dont want to mess about with partitions or anything as I dont want to wipe the drive with my music on it!

Any help appreciated…thanks.
Nearly there. :slight_smile:

Start here:

Make sure you have the ntfs-3g package installed:

$ sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

Linux has never had strong support for NTFS and if using Ubuntu as a Roon Core is your long-term strategy, you should seriously consider putting your music onto an ext4-formatted partition.


I just wanted to second Adam’s suggestion

I would add that the easiest way would be to get a new drive, format as ext4, move the music and keep the original as a backup. (you can never have too many backups imho.)

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Whats the advantages of the ex4 formatting over NTFS guys?
New to Linux, happy to learn :slight_smile:

Ext4 is “native” to Linux, while NTFS-3G is a re-implementation of Microsoft’s NTFS file system. You can expect better stability using ext4. (Although personally I favor xfs for stability since before ext4. But I believe ext4 is mature these days.)

Ok dokie,
looking for “fit n forget” option, so will go with Ex4.

On another note, whats the best way way to output desmg in a form that I can put up on the forum here?

Roon guru Danny has asked for me to post my Dmesg to troubleshoot a network adapter issue for Roon Rock. (Or “Mock” in my case, as having a go installing Rock on a windows pc not a NUC)

Thanks. :slight_smile: