New to Roon, a few Qs about the Nucleus and SSD's

New to Roon. wrt Nucleus+, what are advantages/disadvantages of installing an SSD and storing music files on it? Are there sonic advantages?

Does the nucleus stream music from storage sources, or does it load music files into its own cache and play them from there?

Thanks. B.XL.

This two-part article that I wrote for Copper Magazine covers some of this.


Like here, good job, thanks for that
Certainly everything was created out of love for the Roon program in my free time.

If you type “internal ssd advantages” into the search magnifying glass at the top of the page you’ll find many a topic discussing this.

Installing an SSD/HDD on the Nucleus is the most robust way of doing things. Pulling music in from other sources works well but it will be snappier and more reliable (in my experience) to do it from an installed drive. I don’t think Roon caches entire files, I think it buffers. It certainly doesn’t do things like loading music to RAM like some players.

thX! B.XL.