New to roon and looking for advice

Hi I’m running roon on a Windows 10 media pc.
Utilising both WiFi and Ethernet
To feed my old squeezbox devices, dac’s from audiolab, fiio and m-audio. Plus a network of Chromecast audios and Google mini’s linked together to replace my aging Logitech system

I’m having a number of issues .

Firstly the connection between my server and players seems quite random, one second they are there the next gone or completly renamed or names just gone. Meaning I can’t just pick up my phone(android 11 device) and play some music In my bathroom, I need to reboot hang around and hope the server spots my players for long enough to hear what I want, guess which device is which as the naming has gone back to default

Secondly my server appears to be processing files continually and hogging resources and what looks like repeated attempts at building it’s database.

The third issue is that when I do manage to select a device or zone that’s a Chromecast audio I’m getting an error message trying to connect, stating Chromecast not being able to switch to roon. Confusingly this isn’t all Chromecast audios

The big question is, is this normal and what I am to expect from the roon system? I’ve switched from a free and aging Logitech squeezbox system that had the very rare and odd connection issue to a paid and current system roon and I’m really sad and disappointed that it doesn’t even come close to my older and aging system from Logitech that I was hoping to improve upon.

First of all, make sure your Roon core device is connected to your router using ethernet, not WIFI.

No, not normal.

As @Jim_F suggested, Roon severely taxes a WiFi connection, no matter how good you suppose it may be.

Don’t know if this is repeated attempts or an ongoing attempt. How long has Roon been installed? It takes awhile for Roon to build its database, depending on the size of your collection.

Is Roon running on an HDD? It really needs to be on an SSD.

This is completely abnormal.

Screen print of Settings==>Audio, please.

Thanks Jim, I am connected via ethernet from the server with the endpoints 90% WiFi but you’ve given me something to look into so I’ll check to make sure I’ve no cable problems and that the server isnt defaulting back to WiFi.

Hi slim and thanks for the assistance.
I am on ssd with audio on two HDDs 4tb each although only three quarters full. I’m encouraged by this not being normal so I will give roon a chance.
I’ve been up and running for about four days and the system has been on continually since but maybe patience is all I need. I’ll let the system stabilise for a few more days and see what happens. The endpoints comming and going could be a WiFi issue I suppose, I’ll check my wiring.

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Hi @Paul_Rosson,

As others have noted, this is atypical behavior for Roon.

What is the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear and which of the devices are on WiFi vs Ethernet?

Does the issue only impact Chromecasts audio’s connected to one of your WiFi access points but not other access points? Or is there any other pattern to the affected devices?

thanks for all the help
the issues were all related to my core being new and updating quite a large collection for the first time, after a week or so things settled down and i now have full access to all tracks and players,
thanks and happy new year

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Hi @Paul_Rosson,

Thanks for letting us know the system is working as expected following the library import!
Hope you have a Happy New Year as well, and please do let us know if we can assist in the future!

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