New to Roon and struggles with set-up

Hello Everyone,

I’m feeling defeated. I spent all day reading up on the various Roon set up instructions before signing up for the the free trial, and I must be the most inept person in the world because I just can’t seem to figure it out.

I am using a Mac mini headless, controlling it with Screen Sharing from my MacBook Pro, so I first downloaded the Roon Server software. When I clicked on it, nothing happened. Nothing. It didn’t bounce, just nothing happened. But when I tried to delete it, I was not able to. A message told me it was open and running running. But right clicking didn’t give a close option, only an open option.

So I restarted my computer, deleted Roon Server from applications, and downloaded the full Roon option (including remote). That actually did open, and I started the set up process, but Roon couldn’t see my Mini’s external HDD where all my music is, so I renamed the HDD based on research here. But then when I tried to open the app, it said it couldn’t find the Core, even though the mini IS the Core.

So, I deleted the full Roon from applications and tried Roon Server again. That worked, I guess, because the Roon app on my iPad started to show my library. After fiddling with the settings, I was able to play one album from my library.

Then I signed up for the free Tidal Trial, but it wouldn’t play anything from Tidal. So, I went back to my local library, and now it won’t play anything at all. I went back into screen sharing to see if something had crashed on the Mini, but I have no idea. The Tidal Server icon is right there, but once again, when I click on it nothing happens. My iPad can see everything, so I assume that means it’s running, but it just cannot play anything. And when I right click on the icon, it says “Open”, which would lead me to think it’s not open.

I’m at a loss. Is it normal for nothing to seem to open when you click on the Roon Server app (maybe, because it’s headless)??

Any thoughts on why it just stopped playing? I thought it was somehow tied to adding Tidal, but now I’m thinking that might have just been a coincidence.

Really frustrated after 8 hours of this, and feeling really incompetent. Seems like it should be easy to do this.

Would appreciate any advice.


Hi Josh,

Don’t worry, the Community and @support will get you up and running.

First, the Roon Server app on your Mini will, when running, show the Roon icon in the upper right bar on your screen, when screen sharing. If you click it, you should be able to toggle Launch at Startup (I think).

Also, on the Mini, make sure there’s no Firewall or Antivirus running, for now.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks so much Greg. It is now up and running and I’m playing an album from Tidal that sounds marvelous. And, Yes! I do see that icon! It’s tiny because I’m screen sharing on an already small MBP and didn’t have my reading glasses on. So, that’s a huge relief.

I wonder why it crashed though, or stopped playing, before. I did check that the firewall is not on and I have no antivirus stuff.

I wonder if it’s a problem with the mini. I had already optimized the settings for use as a server according to Pure Music’s instructions, which I assume more or less would apply to any player software. And yet Pure Music crashes at least once a day. The folks at Channel D Support, who are awesome by the way, said they’re looking into that (they were able to replicated it, but only after about a week).

Anyway, thanks again so much, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Am thinking of getting a Sonictransport in place of the Mac . . . maybe.

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Great news Josh. Let us know if you have any problems. Enjoy your trial.

Cheers, Greg

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