New to Roon from iTunes

I am new to Roon and planning to switch from iTunes as my MAC music media center. I love the interface and have a few initial questions which I cannot find answers to before my trial ends.

  1. The application continues to have me sign in. If my internet is down, does that mean I cannot play my local music?

  2. I cannot find a way to include the Marantz 7013 as an output (not Airplay) and group it with the other VSSL 12 Airplay Zone Devices around our home so the Marantz is playing the same music as the other “grouped” Airplay zones. Only way I see to make that work is to use Airplay on the Marantz.

  3. My iTunes library XML contains 1,618 Albums and 24,446 Songs. The Roon import shows only 1,453 Albums and 24,431 Songs. Is is also not carrying over 90% of the genre data and not sure how to resolve this.

  4. Under Album Editor Preferences, all the preferences are unchecked seems by default, should that come across from the iTunes XML?

Thank you so much in advance for all your help.


All your music should be in your music folder. Make a copy of your music files to a usb drive. Delete I tunes. Let Roon fill in the meta data.

Sometimes iTunes creates a new folder by default if it can not locate what folder was initially linked. Upon reboot, it will re-locate the main folder. To check and see if you have music files outside of the folder you have pointed Roon to, open Finder on your Mac. Then type in the extension of your music files and search the drives that you use (.mp4, .mp3, etc.). Once it runs, You can sort in detail view by location. This can help determine if iTunes put some files in an area you didn’t realize it was putting them.

Thank you for your response. I have all music and the xml on one drive in 1 set of folders. But I did just figure this out. If an album is a 4 set, iTunes counts 4 albums and Roon counts it as 1 with 4 discs. So the count matches. Thanks for your help. But the meta data still did not come over exactly correct. That I guess I can fix by hand. Any suggestions to do that efficiently. Thanks!

Thanks! Can I avoid the continual sign in process multiple times a day?

I would give Roon some time to fill everything in for metadata. I never sign out of Qobuz or Roon so I don’t have to sign back in.

You shouldn’t have to. If it’s asking this all the time then something is wrong. Roon needs to have internet access to check your license is valid but this is not a daily thing. If you loose internet at any point it will still work apart from streaming services.

I would check that your firewall has exceptions for Roon and RAATServer. Without these then Roon may have issues connecting to it’s home servers.

Thank you but this does not make sense. Are you talking about the firewall on the mac or router and as Roon is getting thru the firewall fine, otherwise it would not accept the sign-in and not be able to pull data from your servers.

Most importantly, when Roon starts up it asks for a password and there is no way round it in order to use Roon offline. I’m am not sure why you are saying it will work because you cannot get past the sign on screen to use Roon, if you cannot sign-in

Please explain and resolve today.

Hi Ron, as I said earlier I don’t sign out. I just hit the x at the top right (using windows) to close the program without signing out of Roon or Qobuz. On my ipad I pause the music and dim the screen. It never asks me to sign back in. I understand your frustration. You should not have to do this. So how do you leave the programs? Does your core go to sleep?

It was a suggestion no need for the attitude I am trying to help I am a user like you not Roon staff. You should not have to sign in all the time but you need to have internet access to sign in or it can’t validate your license. If it’s constantly asking you to sign in then something’s wrong with your install as I can use Roon without internet and it doesn’t ask me to sign in. It will however ask your to if it’s without internet for a sustained period as it will check your license is valid at intervals.

Roon is designed to be connected to the internet to update metadata etc, so I suggest that if you want it offline all the time it’s not the application for you.

Hi Crystal, there was no attitude intended and apologize if it came across that way. As a new user I cannot tell if responses are coming from tech support or other helpful users. My install is okay, and it is just concern that I could be in position of not being able to play my library if in a situation I could not sign in for whatever the reason might be. Thanks for your help.

Hi John, Thanks so much for the response. Before I end the day, I close Roon and put my MAC to sleep. The next afternoon I wake the systems and start up Roon. Having to sign back in. So I should probably not shut Roon down each night. I just get concerned that if in some situation I cannot sign in, I will not be able to listen to my local library.

Thanks so much and really appreciate your help!

The reason I bought the Nucleus was to get my core off the PC which I put to sleep each night. I have to sign into Windows every day.

Ok no worries. Basically I think if you close Roon completely each time, then restart with no internet it will ask you to sign in as it cant authenticate the current user has a valid licence. I think most people keep there core running all the time so even if you loose internet for a while it was validated at launch and will only ask for this again after an alloted time but not certain really what length this is but it’s not daily.
@support can you validate for Ron please.

Makes good sense, thank you Crystal !!

Thanks John! I will take a look at the Nucleus.

Roon staff, technical or otherwise, all have an avatar icon that looks like a speaker emitting sound waves, or as others see it - a jellyfish on it’s side.

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Got it, Thanks Slim!!

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Hi @Ron_Horwitz,

This is Noris from Roon Lab Support here, I’d be happy to assist you here!

I want to start off by saying that what you are seeing with regard to the login behavior is abnormal, you should not have to re-login unless you have not verified your account for some weeks, so something else is going on here.

Can you please let me know the exact local time + date you see this re-login occur and also your setup details as per this thread?


Hi Noris!

This happens when I quit Roon and then restart it a few hours later. When I leave it open and then just put the MAC to sleep at night, it starts up fine and does not ask me to sign in. So that is basically solved, however I still worry that if at some point I had to sign in and could not for whatever reason, I would not be able listen to my local music in an off line mode. Is this correct? Also is there a way that I can export a Roon XML of all the library data for protection. Thanks!, Ron

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