New to Roon: Looking For Tablet to Use As Controller and Display

Will be using Roon for the first time this week. I’ll be using a Raspberry Pi running RoPieee connected via USB to an Emotiva XMC-1 processor.

I’m looking for a good tablet to use as a controller and also to put on a stand as a display when I’m using my phone as the controller.

What are your recommendations? I see that the iPad is recommend over the Android tablets. If that’s true can I use the standard iPad?

Please post a link to any recommendations.


Yes, you can. You don’t need an iPad Pro. I have an iPad Air 2 32 GB (among other things). Works fine. I’ve never had any issues.

This should help FAQ: What models of iPhone and iPad can I use Roon with?


Thanks Carl.

I’m actually looking for people’s firsthand experience on which ones they use and why.

The original iPad Air, mini 2 and mini 3 can be a bit sluggish at times.

iPad Air 2 / mini 4 are smooth remotes. The one currently being sold as ‘iPad’ has better specs, so will be just as fine or better. All iPad Pros are great, with the 12.9" models supporting portrait as well as landscape.

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I use a cheapie Samsung android tablet (

Works fine. Apple is too expensive for me.

That’s my struggle really. $800 vs $330 really just to add landscape, correct?

There’s a bit more speed and graphics power – and even though Apple does not like to discuss, 4GB RAM in the Pro’s helps as well. :slight_smile:

Even so – if you’re happy using the 9.7" form factor in landscape, go for the $330 iPad. It’s what I’d buy if I was in the market for a tablet primarily tasked as a remote for Roon.

Dan… Any lag or issues with that Samsung? I’m actually more of an Android guy but the experience I read on here was that Apple was superior to the Android tablets for Roon.

Certainly look for a tablet, I occasionally use a Samsung phone there simply isn’t enough area

I use an iPad mini works fine, but beware iOS is only landscape, I believe android is portrait as well

To some extent the bigger the better, I use mine for all things including my ebook so mini is much more portable


I have it in my home office and I’m playing music all day when I’m not on a conference call.

The only problem I’ve had (and it’s recent) is that sometimes the Samsung gets a little behind the music. For example, a new song starts, and the tablet takes 10-15 seconds to catch up.

That hasn’t happened until the last few weeks and I reported it on the Android page.

But it’s a minor issue. All I need to do is close the app and start it up again to get it back in sync.

For the price difference, I much prefer the Android. (I have an iPad, but it’s my wife’s toy - Roon works great there too)

If you get a solid Android tablet, I think you’ll be fine.

PS - check out the reviews here:

$149 is a great price.

Thanks Dan.

What would be they version of that with a little bigger screen if I wanted to go that route?

Probably something like this:

No worries, I just didn’t want you to mistakenly purchase an older iPad that was incompatible with Roon.

I use an iPad Air 2 … it’s fast and robust … the current spec iPad is faster than than Air 2 so that’s a bonus.
Going forwards I will consider a 12” iPad as Roon looks gorgeous running on the larger screen … but its heavier and I’m not sure if that would ok or not.

I also have an iPhone but other than testing I don’t use it for Roon … the screen is way too small.

So Dan I guess the question is other than saving $30 why wouldn’t you go up to that slightly larger screen size? What’s the downside?

If Android is your preference and you are minimally tech savvy enough to “sideload” Google Play, Amazon Fire HD 10 at $119 offers big bang for your buck. While the Fire HD 10 is not great as a Roon endpoint, it works quite nicely as a Roon remote. Over Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I bought one at $99, and due to an exchange foul up, I was compensated with a second Fire HD 10 at no additional cost. As anecdotal experience, my iPad mini 2 and 4 remotes now sit around mostly unused.


Just looking for more suggestions and other people’s experiences on this subject.

I appreciate it. Thanks!

Am using a Samsung Tab A, 10 inch tab and it’s fine. No lag or connectivity issues.

Cost me 200 chf.

I did upgrade to a Galaxy Tabpro S but that’s more of a hybrid and can be used as a remote or core, which is nice.

My only gripe with the Android (and I assume the IOS is the same) version is that the elasticity of swiping albums accross is too great. Sometimes it takes several swipes for it to “latch”. Very hitnmiss, which is frustrating.

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I’m using an iPad Mini 4 and I love the size. It’s fairly light weight, doesn’t hog the coffee table space, and is a great display for Roon.