New to Roon system query

I am keen to set up a Roon based system but need to make sure everything will work OK.
I plan to rip around 10,000 cds to a Naim Uniti Core and add a Roon Nucleus to the network.Broadband is BT Infinity via their Home Hub.The internet travels in my mains cabling using at present three Trendnet 500 AV2 powerlines.I have purchased a Trendnet Powerline 1200 AV2 access point which I hope to connect the Uniti Core,the Nucleus and my Squeezebox Transporter into its three Gigabit ports in my main listening room.
I will have an Elac Discovery Z3 speaker taking wireless connection in a bedroom and three Squeezebox Touches in other rooms in the house,wireless also.
I will use an iPad to control everything and will subscribe to Tidal.
Will the standard Nucleus suffice for this number of cds and Tidal or is the Nucleus Plus a better bet and will this arrangement actually work?
I have very little IT knowledge and am approaching this from a Hifi angle.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Hi @Robert_Moxom — Thank you for the post and welcome to the Roon community site!

When it comes to getting Roon up and running I always recommend following the guideline laid out in our knowledge base. Furthermore, I pulled out some articles and threads from the community site that should help aide in your planning/decision making :sunglasses:

  1. FAQ: What are the minimum requirements?

    • Being as you are going with Nucleus much of this article will not apply to you BUT I felt like it was good that you had insight into what our requirements are for remote devices.
  2. Networking Best Practices

  3. Community threads: