New to Roon - understanding Core - where is my library?


I am new to Roon. Have the Core set up on my Mac and downloaded the app on my phone to use as a remote. Have connectivity to speakers through Bluesound. We have two profiles for two libraries (my husband’s and mine). We also connect through Tidal.

My question is - I can see all my library on my app, but can’t see anything other than basic info such as settings on my Mac (core) when I log in - i.e. I can’t see any music. Why can’t I see my library on my Core?


Did you install Roon or RoonServer on your Mac? RoonServer has no graphical user interface.

As an aside, 2 profiles do not mean 2 libraries. It is all 1 library. The profiles just separate playlists, play history, favorites, etc.

Txs so much. It sounds like I must have installed RoonServer. But I do remember it asking me when I went through the install if I wanted to make this (the mac) the Core - and when I tried to use the app on my phone as the remote without the mac being on - I’m pretty sure it said couldn’t find the core - and then found it once I put the mac on. Should I do another install on the mac to make sure I have the core and not the server?

Txs for the tip re the libraries - I guess that’s the point - to aggregate things!

You’ll want this one to also control the core on the machine it is running on.