New to Roon, wanting to know about importing playlists

Hello !

So I’ve seen some videos on YouTube and read the articles about playlists in Roon, but I need to confirm 2 things:

  1. Let’s say all my playlists are under a folder - D:\Playlists … and let’s say that all my audio files are on D:\Music … so the content of the playlist (the audio files are not under the same folder) … will Roon be ok with that ? will those playlists work in Roon properly ?

  2. Assuming those playlists will work properly… Those playlists are constantly updating by a 3rd party software that I use to update them with. Will Roon monitor those playlists updates in that folder ? … If so, in what frequency ? real time ? once a day ? is this configurable ?

Thank you so much in advance!

  1. Playlists have to be in the “watched folder” that also contains the music files referenced by the playlists.

  2. As playlist detection is tied to the storage configuration I would expect it to detect changes according to the storage configuration. So if Roon is “watching for changes in realtime” (and this actually works in your setup) for the watched folder containing the playlist, I would expect changes to be noticed by Roon in realtime too. But I don’t know for sure as I don’t have file based playlists. Try it out as it seems you have some.

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