New to streaming - help wanted

I don’t know how to start a new topic here in community programming. I am new to streaming music Any help will be deeply appreciated. How do I access the Roon library of streaming music? Can I specialize in classical music? Opera? etc. I am running Intel NUC7 with Win 10 pro.

Hello @John_F_Leonard and welcome to the forum. I’ve moved your post here where you’ll get the help you need.

I recommend you read a couple of Roon’s Knowledge based articles, What is Roon and Getting started which should answer many of your questions.

If you have any further questions, please come back here and ask. Just use the reply button at the bottom of the thread.

There is no Roon library of streaming music. Using Roon, you can listen to your own music files or you can stream from Tidal and/or Qobuz. To do that, you need a paid subscription to Tidal and/or Qobuz. Then, within the Roon setup menu, you can attach your Tidal and/or Qobuz account. I don’t have any music of my own, so I use Roon 100 percent for streaming from Tidal and Qobuz. It works great and sounds great.


Hello again @John_F_Leonard. I think I misunderstood your question, but I still think that the Knowledge Base is a good start. Try the Qobuz and Tidal articles.

Thanks for he transfer. It turned up several messages that clarified some of my misperceptions: I thought Roon had a library of its own. Now I know I have to look to Qobuz, or the like, to get additional music.

I still don’t know how to start a New topic. I end up posting a reply to someone’s thread. Not cool. But it worked to get me a reply. Someday I might have another question so I guess I really ought to know so I don’t interfere with someone else’s thread

Hi John,

On the Roon forum home page toward top right you’ll notice a ‘New Topic’ button…hope that helps…I can take a screenshot if you can’t find it.


Edit - I should add that the same icon appears within each of the specific categories found on the forum. So, you simply head to the category you want & then use the ‘New Topic’ button.