New Tool album 'Fear Inoculum' not showing under Tidal

For me anyway…

This isn’t any old album, it’s the new Tool album, so it’s a big deal, right? :))

Is there a reason for this? It’s definitely on Tidal (as been so now for over 12 hours I assume) I’ve tried signing in/out of Roon, deleting the cache, performing a synch etc.


I’m seeing it on both TIDAL and Qobuz. Where are you located?

Interesting - thanks Mike. I’m in the UK.

Actually I have now found it. It didn’t appear in the usual way (as a Tidal album sitting under my ‘ripped’ albums). But, I searched for it specifically and chose to ‘add it to library’. Now it shows as a ‘main album’ alongside my ‘ripped’ albums.

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