New type of HAF convolution filter! -hopefully

I listened to the sample files posted by Thierry from Home Audio Fidelity to find that I could hear the improvement that a preliminary/generic version of his proposed new filter makes, so I volunteered to help him test his project on my own system.

Next step was to use REW and a microphone to capture the output of speaker woofers and ports so that he could send me custom DSP settings intended to repair the negative impact on music that most of our speaker enclosures introduce.

And… it works! As I reported to Thierry, by adding an early version of his new filter to Roon via their convolution engine, music was clearly less muffled (although it sounded perfectly fine before this), with a more precise 3D soundstage. I heard more “air” around the detailed sound of individual instruments, with a stereo image that is less “diffuse” and more crisply, and more naturally, defined.

I would really like him to fully develop this technology to further improve realistic reproduction, so I urge you to volunteer as I did. Let’s send him many more measurements so that he can refine the process and offer us another tool to enhance our listening pleasure.

I’m all about the listening pleasure.


Good initiative! I run my own company so I am short of time but hopefully there are a few “free” people around.


Do you think that you could do a blind test to determine which is which? Just so you know I’m a huge HAF fan and I think his convolution filters have improved my main system to it’s best sound yet!

Just checking on what you perceive.