New U1 firmware 11.4 Question

Hi Peter! @wklie

First of all, wanted to say how awesome the U1 is. Paired with my Chord Blu/Dave – they are a fabulous combination. And also how impressed I am with how many updates you provide in a short amount of time that brings great new functionality to the U1.

I just updated my U1 to your latest firmware release – 11.4 – that you shipped a few days ago. I noticed the RAAT version included is now updated to 1.1.33. I think you’re one of the earliest device manufacturers to update to this version. I would love to know what changed in 1.1.33 from your perspective?


Thanks for the kind words. We have many Lumin U1 / U1 MINI customers that pair it with Chord as they found a synergy with them, this combo is praised by a Japanese web site.

Since the RAAT source code is not public, I think I’m not allowed to talk about details, but one thing is disclosed in Roon 1.6 release notes - mitigation for XMOS DAC, this is mostly applicable to people running Roon on Linux or RoonBridge. Lumin works differently so we do not use the same code (both before and after the change) for that part, and as far as I know we are not affected by the XMOS bug.

I hope you don’t mind the direct contact, however I am a Chord Blu Mk2/DAVE frontend and connecting to Roon core on a QNAP NAS direct to the Blu via USB.

I was thinking of the Lumin U1 mini, and wondered have you compared Roon directo to the Blu Mk2 (I presume) against via the U1 and what were the differences?

Hey David. No worries on the direct contact. I have not done that comparison unfortunately so can’t give you any comparative guidance. I can tell you the lumin units are beautifully constructed and sound fabulous with Blu/Dave. They are continuously updating the units with expanded functionality also… good luck on your decision.

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While looking for evidence that digital sources matter for a setup like yours, I came across this interesting review:

Even though the reviewer opted for a cable-based solution to his digital signal noise problem, I think the availability of different types of output from U1 (MINI): USB / AES / BNC / RCA / Toslink will also help users achieve the ideal setup.