New ultraRendu not visible as a player on iPad [Solved]

I have been using a microRendu with my PS Audio DSJr with the Roon app on my iPad. I just installed a new ultraRendu but the ultra does not show up on my Roon iPad app. The ultra seems to be working from what I can see on [], and my DAC is powered on. When I go to Settings --> Audio in the App I see my iPad as one Zone but no ultraRendu Zone. Any suggestions on how I can add the ultraRendu as a player or zone on the iPad?

Have you started the “Roon” app on the rendu?

Yes, and now I see the ultra as a zone in my iPad app, but when I play a song it’s like someone set it to hyperspeed - each song plays in less that a second - a 100 song playlist takes 20 seconds to cycle thru all of the songs. Any ideas on that behavior?

What are the network connections between the Rendu and your router? Any switches or wireless devices in between?

Andrew was very helpful and got me up and running. I believe it was a combination of issues caused by updating to Roon 1.6 and the same time as switching from the micro to the ultra, plus a few previous setup errors. Thanks, Steve