New User - 2 Bugs - Need Help [Fixed in build 157]

First off I’m new to Roon as of a couple of hours ago!

But, I believe I’ve found a couple of bugs already. I’d appreciate it if anyone knows the work-around if it exists or if it’s a real bug that it be looked into:

  1. Windows 10 Tablet Mode (Dell XPS18 + Windows10) - Under Settings -> Setup, I can’t enable the option “Enable On-Screen Keyboard”. No matter what I try I can’t toggle it to enabled. I can enable the other two tablet mode related options (Hide Mouse Pointer & Show Alpha Navigation), but no luck on this one. I’ve rebooted after install and still the same result.
  2. Unable to “deselect a zone”. If I have one zone I connect to, and only one zone in the control program, on iPhone 6S/IOS, Windows10 and Windows7, none of them can deselect a zone once it’s selected. In Windows you get a checkbox, in IOS you don’t. But it doesn’t matter that you have a checkbox, you can’t deselect it so as to no longer control that zone.

Can’t help with 1!

With 2, I’m not sure why you would want to deselect your single zone? Did I miss something here? Just select the zone you want to control if you have more than one.


It appears I did not fully understand the use cases of Roon. I was under the impression that on my iPhone/iPad/IOS devices I could play back files stored on them locally when not connected to my home network using Roon rather than iTunes and Tidal. Sure would be nice if there was one interface for both of those also.

As for #1 above, it’s still an issue.

I can reproduce this issue as well – looks like a bug :cry:

We’ll get this fixed for the next release @Bryan_Allen, thanks for the report!

A fix went live in Build 157! Happy listening!


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