New user: cannot get airplay to work

Hi there, I just acquired Roon this week and wanted to setup radio. I live in Denmark, btw, so it was local radio stations I wanted to set up. As that was not easy at all, I was thinking of just streaming radio from my iphone via airplay. I have an Apple TV, so I started setting that up and I believe I have done it right, but no sounds comes out.

If I play Tidal via Roon to the DAC it works well. I do also have a Naim Muso Qb and I am able to stream radio to that, so it seems to be related to the Apple TV connection.

My setup:

  • Innuos mini acting as Roon core
  • Apple tv (older version)
  • DAC
  • amplifier

Should the Apple TV be cable connected to either the Innuos or the DAC?

thanks in advance, Michael

Roon doesn’t accept incoming local audio sources like that. You cannot stream via Airplay to Roon to then have it redistribute the audio.