New user cannot get working

Core is Macbook Pro running 10.13.4.
Entire system is wired. Netgear router and switch. 4TB WD NAS for storage. Can see all music on macbook but will only play through mac.

Connected to router/switch is Krell Connect Digital Media Player which is connected to Krell Vanguard amp.

Under Roon Settings; Audio; Networked; there are no devices located (except Apple TV which I then disconnected). Have restarted everythikng and made sure latest Firmware is installed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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What networked devices do you expect to see? Are they Roon Ready or running Roon Bridge?

The Krell Connect, which I believe is Roon Ready. Roon can see my Apple TV which is also networked, but not the Krell.

I can’t see reference to the Connect on the Krell Roon Ready Page. The Digital Vanguard integrated amp is Roon Ready, but I don’t think the straight Vanguard is.

Unless there is a firmware upgrade lurking on the Krell website you may need a network device to run Roon Bridge on your current gear. There are many options including Raspberry Pi, Allo DigiOne or USBridge, Sonore micro or ultraRendu etc.

I think both the Connect and the Vanguard will take up to 192kHz/24bit. I’d suggest the Allo DigiOne Player.

Thanks Andrew you’re right. I assumed because of the digital module in the Connect it would work OK. I know nothing about Allo DigiOne but i’ll do my research online and hopefully get things working.
Thanks for your advice.

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For those wondering about the “Solution” checkmark, see here:

The solution box is a good addition to the forum.

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