New user feedback

I’m now a week into my paid for use of Roon. And I have to say I love it. I really don’t know how I coped before ! As with all software I’m sure there are some frustrations I have yet to experience and it will no doubt cause me to spend more on equipment as I enviously look at the show off your roon setup posts

But as I say loving it so far. And this forum seems very helpful and knowledgeable


Its nice to see users posting positive experiences as with many product support forums like this one sees mostly issues being reported, which for the most part is why people come onto the community.

Many users who value the roon experience do pop in and say so and there are those who step in and try to help the new users with issues they see some offer of support will help.

Welcome to the roon family. It’s nice to see you have spent a good few hours reading up here too.

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Hi @Nicholas_Belmont

I’m not far in to Roon myself & it’s a very immersive, enjoyable experience.

The community builds on this further, with some really friendly folk on here willing to assist where possible or even just speak about configurations or kit.

I always thought Roon was just for high end audiophile use, but it is so much more than that, with everybody getting different things from it based on their individual needs or desires.

I use it in it’s most primal form - using my MacBook as a Core, to my streamer & then in to my Hi-Fi, with no storage for ripped tunes. Just completely based on the fact I like the app & can integrate both Tidal/Qobuz.

Enjoy Roon, however you decide to use it & any questions, the guys on here are fantastic or the Roon staff themselves are outstanding :slight_smile: