New User, no web interface

Hi there, I am a brand new to both Pi and Ropieee. I was able to get the Ropiee software loaded onto pi, and Roon recognizes it and can stream to it without issues. I can also ssh in, and issue commands.

However, I am not able to access the web interface, either using roipee.local or the internal IP that my router has assigned.

Outside of re-flashing everything and starting over, are there any ideas?

thx in advance

Hi Rob. Since you have the correct IP (because you can ssh in) I’d be inclined to re-flash, as it would seem that some of the components did not install. Make sure you do the install while connected over Ethernet.

Did you check the IP in Roon to be sure you are using the correct one?
Either in settings- audio or settings - about

If so, I agree you may need to try to re-flash…

Thanks yeag, the IP I am using is correct and works with SSH. I suppose reflashing isnt very hard! Will give it a go. Thanks

Re-flash worked! Thanks