New user OpenGL3.0 Error Message

Hi just downloaded trial version but cant open. CAPS Carbon music server about 4yrs old. Intel DN2800mt motherboard with Intel graphics. Tried updating driver but says everything up to date.

I know this is a know issue but havent found answers if any. Thanks

Last line of error message says (GL_ARB_Framebuffer_object extension is missing)

Moving this over to support and adding @support so they get notified.

Have you read this KB FAQ?’m_getting_an_OpenGL_error_trying_to_start_Roon%2C_what’s_going_on%3F

Under devise manager it says adapter is Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. 06/21/2006
version 10.0.16299.15

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Hi @Keith_Nichols ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the slow response.

Moving forward, have you tried updating the graphics driver in your Win10 machine as mentioned in the provided link above? Let me know and we can continue from there :microscope:


Yes I have tried updating the driver with windows and it says drive current. It appears to be a windows driver, I looked at Intel website for driver but they stopped support some time ago.

I didnt want to try updating with the older Intel driver and hose my video.

Intel DN2800mt motherboard with integrated Intel graphics.

Any ideas?

Hey Keith,

Most modern GPU’s can run OpenGL, but unfortunately, it’s possible this motherboard simply does not.

Have you tried installing the driver from here?

Have you tried the utility we mentioned in the KB? That will also confirm whether OpenGL is possible with the driver you’re using.

I would also mention that Roon is not going to perform well on that Atom CPU – perhaps it would be ok with a very small library, but just for comparison:

The pink line is what I believe the CPU is on that Intel board. The blue line is what we recommend as the minimum for Roon:


If you’re determined to run Roon on this machine, you’ll need to either find a driver that supports OpenGL, or you can run “headless” RoonServer, and control Roon from another device that’s able to handle our graphics requirements.

Sorry we don’t have a better answer here!


Least worst option is RoonServer with a seperate machine to run a remote (i.e. PC,Mac,IOS,Android…) This will be slow - very slow and database updates / scanning files will tax it to the limits and take a long time (playback may be affected until things have settled down).

I made the mistake of buying several of these boards - A slow atom combined with non-Intel graphics with not wonderful drivers (Intel bought in a chipset from someone else (PowerVR?) - and due to this, barely got Windows 7 x86 acceptable - 64 bit was never supported - no official driver release)

Expecting basic graphics to work can be iffy on this board - expecting on OpenGL 3.0 to work when Intel had enough issues with their own earlier chipsets (i.e. all the posts on here about the HD 4000 and the not so wonderful Intel drivers for Intels own chipset) is very over optimistic.

Sorry if this isn’t good news - but this board is going to be slow running just RoonServer headless - if there was any way to get graphics working - it would be unlikely to be usable.