New User--pros and cons of Mac Pro vs NAS


So new to all this but up and running with a temporary laptop solution. Thinking ahead I’m wondering: I have a pretty hefty Mac Pro Intel Quad with multiple SSD’s that runs my audio studio at home sitting on a wired network that distributes round the house.

I was going to go Core NAS for Roon, but it seems like I might have a perfectly good Core solution sitting there under my desk in my studio.

What are the pros and cons of a Mac Core vs a NAS core. I should say I can leave the Mac Pro permanently ‘on’ and connected to the network. Do I need NAS?



A NAS is not essential for core or storage, your Mac Pro would be quite sufficient to run Roon core and storage can be via your existing SSD’s or USB external drives (remember to plan a backup strategy for your music) however leaving it on all the time might prove to be expensive on power costs, I would consider a NUC running ROCK with USB drive(s) for music storage.
Here is a link from Computer Audiophile explaining ROCK on a NUC and how to set it up.

Thanks for this. The power is not an issue as it will be on all the time anyway…although the ROCK/NUC solution looks great.


In your situation I see no reason to get a separate server/NAS. I am in a similar situation with my iMac which is on all day long and whenever I may want to listen to music. I have external spinning disks in a Thunderbolt attached enclosure that are backed up daily. So my Roon core and music storage is on my iMac and has worked flawlessly feeding an ultraRendu attached too my DAC.

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I am in the exact same boat and can confirm this will work with no issues. I have a 2009 quad core Mac Pro running my core with a SSD for boot drive and WD Red HDDs for music storage. My house also has a wired network which helps. It pushes any size file anywhere in the house with no hiccups.

I also have a QNAP TS-451 NAS that previously ran RoonServer on a Lubuntu VM (pre-QPKG) and the Mac Pro is infinitely better. Now I run periodic backups of my music from the Mac Pro to the NAS and use the NAS as a Plex server, which gives me access to my music when I’m outside the house.