New user tutorial for old users

(Brian) #1

This may be old hat to many of you, but it wasn’t to me.

While browsing through the various badges that can be awarded to forum members (as you do), two badges caught my attention:

certified and licensed

These get awarded for completing the new user tutorial. Excuse me? I think this must have begun after I joined because I don’t remember any such tutorials.

Always prepared to learn, I wanted to complete them, but how?

Searching the forum brought no answers (apologies if I missed it) but googling did:

You need to pm user discobot with the message …

@discobot display help and take it from there.

The tutorials teach you how to use the forum, posting etc.

I have now obtained my certified and licensed badges!

Actually I didn’t learn a lot, having mostly picked things up by trial and error, but some things were useful.

(bearFNF) #2

I was wondering what those badges were. I also looked for the tutorials but could not find them.

will try the PM and see what happens.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #3

Hehe… That actually was fun. Anyway – with flying colours: :smiley:

(Dick Vliek) #4

You have been a moderator before you were certified??? How is that possible :joy:

(Andrew Cox) #5

I’m guessing those are going straight to the pool room:

(Rene Bouwmeester) #6

I sneaked in when they were busy releasing 1.2. Or 1.3. I’m creepy like that.

@andybob: up there already, printed on premium glossy, framed in mahogany. :slight_smile:

(Mr Fix It ) #7

maybe an Old Tutorial for New Users wouldn’t be a bad thing either

(Henry) #8

OK. Admission time. My Dad has that exact mini bar shaped like the front end of a yacht! Seeing it brought memories flooding back!

(Steve) #9

Where is this User Tutorial and how can I take it?

(Kevin) #10

It’s a tutorial for the discussion forum, not for Roon itself. Mildly entertaining, but not actually very useful if you’ve spent much time on the site. Enjoy, cheers!

(Steve) #11

Thanks Kevin,

From the way you describe it, it doesn’t sound like it would be of much use to me after all.