New user, unable to get audio playback

HI - Interested in your product, but haven’t been able to generate any audio output. My usual setup is output through a Schiit Magni and Modi, with the Modi connected to a Macbook Pro running 10.10.3 via USB. I’ve enabled the DAC as a ‘zone’, but there is no indication anything is playing when I click on the ‘play’ icon - the red scrubber bar does not move, there is no change in the time elapsed or time remaining indicators. I’ve tried with exclusive mode on and off, integer mode on and off, no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I’d really like to give this a try. Thank you!

@mike, lets get logs from @kneville

Just sent you a PM @kneville – take a look and we’ll figure out what’s going on here.


Got it, will take care of this later this evening, thanks!