New User - Why is it so hard to add Apple Music?

My free trial period is ending…I really like Roon with Tidal…alot! Why is it such a battle to get Roon to simply “see” my Apple Music (used to be iTunes) on my MacBook Pro HD which is my Core??? Does Roon have a step by step list of instructions to accomplish this? If this doesn’t get satisfied I can’t be a subscriber…

This is an Apple issue not Roon. For the time being Apple don’t won’t grant any other software access to their music library not Roon, Bluesound, Audirvana and others.

I would be pleased to add Apple Music to Roon and have contacted Apple several times to urge them to open up Music to other players.

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Do you have the step by step instructions on how to do this?

This page contains instructions.

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I think the OP. Is referring to his iTunes library held on a different PC

Rather than adding Apple Music as a streaming source

Do these correspond with the new OS Music app which replaced iTunes a couple of years ago?

Don’t know. Try it and find out ?