New user, won't play to iPhone

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

My core machine is a Macbook Pro running Mohave 10.14. I just installed Roon, build number 401.
Network is a Time Warner cable modem using Eero as our wireless access point

I’m trying to get Roon to play on my iPhone X.

I just installed Roon, seems to work fine on the desktop. When I installed the app on my iPhone and play a song it streams successfully to my laptop. When I switch zones and direct it to play through my iPhone, it exhibits weird behavior. It says it’s playing the song, then fast forwards through the song in about a second, nothing plays, then moves to the next track in the playlist and repeats the behavior. In 5-10 seconds it will move through a 12 track playlist and “finish”. Nothing ever plays.

I want to be able to stream music via Roon to bluetooth devices, either my Pioneer head unit in my car, or to my made for iphone hearing aids. But right now I can’t get anything to play on the phone at all. What’s going on here?

Edit: after some googling, looks like at least a few years ago Roon didn’t support bluetooth streaming via ios. I tested by disabling bluetooth and now Roon will play on my iphone as expected.

So, bummer. If Roon still doesn’t support ios bluetooth streaming then I’ll be closing my trial account. My main purpose of using Roon was to have it be a more elegant and content-rich front end to Qobuz. I listen to most of my music in my high end car system or on the go.

Roon is not mobile at the moment, all music streams from the core server to the endpoint. Mobile Roon is being worked on, I think. No time frame.

Thanks Daniel, that’s true even for an intrinsically mobile solution like Qobuz? Kinda defeats the purpose of using Qobuz in the first place.

I appreciate the quick response. I’ll delete the app and cancel my trial account, looking forward to another run at it if a mobile solution is ever released. Thanks again.

Hello @Rick_Mathes,

As @Rugby mentioned, we unfortunately do not support Roon “on-the-go” at this time, although it is part of our road map for the future. I can’t comment on a timeline of when this functionality will be implemented, but I do hope that you will give Roon another try once this is available.

If you’d like to look into the bluetooth behavior of Roon, I can certainly take a look with you as to why the issue occurs, I would need to know the model/manufacturer of the Pioneer and iPhone hearing aids, but as mentioned before these devices would have to be connected to a compatible Roon remote that resides on the same WiFi network as the Core.


thanks Noris, I appreciate you reaching out but I’ll pass on your kind offer. Roon just doesn’t make any sense for me right now, perhaps it will once a mobile option is available. I look forward to checking that out. All the best.


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