New user - Wow! Transporter user looking for best audio settings

Hi all,

Installed trial today and I’m very impressed.
Running Roon from my (ex) LMS server into my Transporter, and sounds great into my 300B SET valve Pre/Power setup.
A couple of things I was a wee bit dissapointed with…

Running Roon via Jriver etc on the server machine, you get access to WASAPI/ASIO and the like…exclusive mode too?

No way to get similar settings for Squeezebox devices? No exclusive mode for Squezebox?
Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the toolkit of options in LMS for the TP!

Any other Transporter users share experience?

You aren’t connecting directly to your Roon Remote with Squeezebox, so there is no such thing as WASAPI/ASIO to worry about. Roon is transporting the files directly to the SB for decoding in a similar way to LMS so there’s absolutely no loss of quality.

Cheers Mark,

So no need to worry about Exclusive mode and the like, as its a similar concept as when running Jriver direct on PC thats not relevent to Squeezebox…i.e. bypasses Windows audio…

If so, cool and the gang. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Gaz_Jam, post:1, topic:9499”]
Running Roon from my (ex) LMS server into my Transporter, and sounds great into my 300B SET valve Pre/Power setup.[/quote]then why chase ghosts?

Chase ghosts?

Only installed Roon today so still picking it up.

The SB players/ transports get a wav stream directly from Roon across the network. Nothing else to worry about, it either works or it doesn’t.


Welcome to the Roon Club! Hope you’re having fun with it. Check out the new Internet Radio capabilities too. I’ve been entering stations from which seem to work fine.

I’ve been using Roon on my Transporter and Touch since December 2015. For a while I ran LMS and Roon on separate servers, but these days I mostly use Roon, via a headless gigabyte Brix server & QNAP NAS for music storage. The Touch (being a newer device) displays the artwork and “currently playing” tracks, but the Transporter does not. Sound quality is better on the Transporter IMHO, but that depends on your DAC and audio setup. There’s not many settings to fiddle with, unlike LMS. Unfortunately, to do things like running a processor loop with the Transporter requires LMS. But for general listening, things are really good. Nice to have this hardware still relevant despite Logitech’s abandonment.

Have fun!