New v1.1 (Build 69) resets manual metadata changes

On updating the Roon v.1.1 (Build69) it took a while to re-scan and rebuild all the metadata. I appreciate your effort to improve the metadata managements, but this update and re-scan reset all the manual corrections I made.

It did a better job than last time in retrieving the metadata from scratch, but still was not perfect. My question is: will this happen each time there is an update? I don’t want to have to do the manual changes everytime we have an update of the software.

No, this is definitely not expected behavior. One of the primary goals of yesterday’s release was to make sure that edits made in Roon are preserved in as many situations as possible, including times when your storage configuration is changing, or when files are being renamed, moved, or re-tagged.

I’m going to follow up via PM and we’ll take a look at your logs to see if we can get a sense of what went wrong here. Stand by.