New Version 1.7 Build 571 - Metadata Improver Warning

After updating to Version 1.7 Build 571 I’m now seeing a red triangle with an exclamation point in it. When I open it it references Metadata Improver" Halted an. Roon needs a software update. I believe I’m running the latest version on both my client (Windows 10 v2004) and core - QNAP NAS. Is this a bug? If not how do I update the Roon Software.

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Have same issue since the update.

Hello, if you have tidal or qobuz account, try to unclog and log again. Re-start your roon server and let us know.

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Same issue here (I don’t use tidal or quobuz).

I have the same setup as poster Scortt_Schnoor (client: Windows, core: QNAP NAS).
Restart of core doesn’t solve problem.

This is a pre-existing issue, pls see this thread.

Thnx Christiaan: increasing memory for photo’s and art does the job (just as described in the link)

So I did increase memory from 256 MB to 1536 MB but it did not resolve the issue… until I rebooted the NAS where my core is running then it resolved it. Thanks all

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