New version of dBpoweramp - how does this affect Roon?

I see there will be a new version of dbpoweramp in August.

However, when I looked at the beta, I noticed something interesting:

“AMG replaced with Discogs for metadata and PerfectTUNES for ART (amg is EOL Q3 2016)”

So, for those of us who have been using AMG to provide the metadata, it looks like this will default to discogs.

I wonder if this will lead to tagging problems with Roon?

Why would it lead to tagging problems? If you use discogs genres and have Roon use theirs and yours you’ll end up with some interesting genres, but otherwise I can’t see it causing any issues.

My thinking is that if Roon is heavily dependent on the Rovi database, using the discogs database might lead to less hits.

Putting the AMG artist/album names into your tag does help with ID. It depends how different Discogs metadata for those fields is.

The reason dbpoweramp is stopping access to AMG when ripping/tagging is that AMG is discontinuing their metadata service sometime in Summer 2016. See:


I actually see this as good news, given that AMG meta accuracy has deteriorated rapidly over the last 2-3 years or so. Hopefully someone at Roon will note this thread, and there will be a rapid transition to Discogs and other providers…

I have always used Discogs to tag my files. The only time it has ever been a problem for Roon has been where the AMG data was wrong. :slight_smile:


Does this mean the AMG-derived album reviews & artist bios will disappear from Roon?

We haven’t used AMG’s CD identification service since early Sooloos days (pre-Meridian, circa 2008).

Wrong in what way? For classical albums, there is usually no easy to define “right”, and both will be therefore “wrong”…

I have been disappointed in dbpoweramp as a ripper since they lost AMG.

On recent classical titles I am getting relatively few hits.

Anyone else having the same experience? Are there any better alternatives?