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Since I updated core new version, if i listen on a remote and then go back to listening on pc with core, i cannot get sound though at begining it was stil displaying pc…today, after a remote session, impossible to get any audio source: remote (zen ifi) disappeared, wasapi on pc and just pc : disappeared even after reboot of pc and roon indeed. back to foobar and really disappointed by the quality of new release !

Nobody can help you if you don’t provide more information about your setup. That’s what the questions are for that you ignored


Sorry but it seems so obvious.

Core on pc :

Don’t see pc on audio (neither roon remote, tough i was just listening to it)

And the most beautiful, i’m running my roon core on pc :

i have rebooted twice.

I think you are misunderstanding things here.

You are running the Roon software on your Windows PC.

Roon OS is the operating system built by Roon Labs that is used on their Nucleus hardware, or on self-built Roon systems using Intel NUC hardware that have ROCK installed on them.

So when you are asking Roon to “Find Roon OS” in the Settings > Setup menu of Roon, it’s never going to find a Roon OS in your home network, because you don’t have Roon running on a Nucleus or an Intel NUC using ROCK.


in theory i won’t argue, just yesterday it was showing my pc in ‘Find Roon OS’…

so roon software is my core, right ? or have been since i’m using Roon so i cannot imagine what has changed.

before new update, i could switch between listening directly on pc (with core) or on my streamer (zen ifi)…since the release when i have listened remote, i could not get audio on software on my pc (it was fine after rebooting, but reboot + 5 mns to load roon is not really agile and is a bug for me) and now, i cannot listen with roon on my pc, i have to select an audio zone and it just see my avr which i don’t care, i don’t see wasapi on my pc neither my streamer)

thanks for the link :slight_smile: but it wont help, and just i can see is ‘effortless’…not really true

all i’m trying to say is that my setup was totally fine until i updated on thursday since then, i got some issue

where is my core now ?

As far as I can tell your core is on your PC and you appear to be logged in just fine. The only end point you have enabled is an AVR that you are streaming to via Airplay. Be aware that your enpoints must be turned on for Roon to see them. So if your ifi Zen is not on, it won’t show up in Roon. However, since your core is on a PC you should see several PC related outputs in the “Audio” page such as System Output and/or ASIO. It’s possible your update didn’t complete properly or was corrupted. I’ve never seen this happen, but Roon help will be along here soon so bear with.

ok thank you. especially David, the best answer i can get :slight_smile:
so after unstalling roon applications, rebooting, reinstalling it, i’m back into business:

or almost (still don’t see zen stream but i hope it will be back again tomorrow)

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Did you allow the update from within Roon or did you update/reinstall by downloading the .exe from the Roon webpage?

I have a guess as to what might be happening if you did the second thing.

and just for support, my title was quite right, and update that requires uninstall and reinstall is not good

@Placebophile, just validated the update when roon asked…on thursday on my core…and yesterday on some remote (another pc)

and bad news is that after reinstalling i have to set up back everything…fortunately i did save my library…

You just had to use a Roon database backup if you had created one in the first place.

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I back up every night. There’s really no reason not to.

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ok thank you. especially David, the best answer i can get :slight_smile:
so after unstalling roon applications, rebooting, reinstalling it, i’m back into business:

or almost (still don’t see zen stream but i hope it will be back again tomorrow)

Well for me, the update caused ROCK to lose access to Tidal. A quick logout/in again for the Tidal service in Roon fixed it, no drama. I think this has happened once before (track count drops by a few thousand on Home page, so is easily spotted).
One thing to note with PCs, rebooting them is often a cause of issues in Roon because Windows will often use the opportunity to install a bunch of updates. These do cause issue for Roon and its detection of connected devices sometimes. Windows can also reset its firewall settings for no apparent reason during a Windows update, causing Roon issues. It is a Windows issue when this happens, not a Roon one. Not defending Roon updates here, just stating that Windows PCs can be troublesome.

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Just to check, did you look at your router settings to see if the ifi Zen was connected to the network?

Would it be better to install core on a qnap nas instead of a windows pc ?