New version today, since then I press play on live radio, Qobuz song, or my library and nothing plays

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11, MSI laptop with 16 gb ram, Intel I5, GeForce RTX 3870.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear router on wifi to laptop, not plugged in with ethernet. Not sure if I am using a VPN. Has never been a problem before. Downloaded new version and now the laptop, which holds my core and is what I am playing my music on into headphones will not play any track.

Connected Audio Devices

No other devices in the chain, just trying to play roon on my laptop. I do have a seagate portable drive attached with most of my music library on the drive via USB to laptop.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Downloaded new version of roon tonight, did not change anything else. Now it won’t play regardless of whether paying live radio, my Qobuz subscription or my portable drive with my music on it. Seems to scan through the tracks of a chosen album and then says “nothing to play” when I choose a qobuz or library album. When I choose a live radio station, it just does not start.

Just a fellow user here, trying to help troubleshoot - you really should outline your set-up from internet service provider, modem, router, maybe mesh and what not for official support to have something to work with.

Seems you’ve been lucky enough, not experiencing connection glitches with a wireless core connection - Roon advises otherwise.

Just for testing purposes, connect your core to the router via ethernet cable and report back, whether that changes the behavior.

Good luck and I hope, things straighten out quickly!

Problem solved.

You could have amended that post to your original topic, as that makes things clearer…

Done. /10chars.

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