New (was back in 2021) iFi Zen Stream device

Hi Stephane,

Please also consider the ZEN DAC Signature. Comes with the iPower X as part of the package.
You May also consider upgrading to a LPS like the Allo Shanti.

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I would not make that assumption - very different streaming from Tidal than local files. My old Cambridge Audio CXN v1 did not play gapless when using DNLA/Bubble to play local files, but did via Tidal.

Ok let’s not make the assumption, assuming I was going to continue to use “Bubble” why I don’t know, But ok. Being I have not nor probably will use “Bubble”, how can I test what your saying? I have Roger Waters - Amused to Death in DSD it’s definitely a gapless recording, right now it’s on a Thumb Drive.

Tell me how and I will gladly check it!


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I remember someone asking about What size drives could be connected to the ZS. I have just connected my 4TB Samsung SSD to the back of the ZS, and it is recognized and I am now scanning the drive, I will update with Time it took and how it’s working thru the “built in” app Later! There’s a little over 60gb of music on that drive that I no longer listen to, so We shall see!

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4TB Drive Update: Ok so it took around 10 minutes give or take to load the music, 61gb… Mind you I was streaming Tidal thru it as it was doing this. I made a quick unlisted video so you could see how the iFi App looks when loaded up. Also I would like to point out I could scroll thru things as fast as I wanted when I wasn’t doing the screen capture, so there’s that…


Louis you are on a roll today, thanks from everyone involved in this thread.
It has been really helpful for those that are looking at this now and those that come later.


This is what happens when I overmedicate in the am and drink in the pm…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

and your very welcome!!


Anyone able to run Roon/ HQPlayer? Must be some combination of settings in HQPlayer Preferences.

I thought there was a specific mode for HQ player, on the dial in the back. I would check iFi’s website!

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On the website it’s #3 on the back according to their site, but there’s also a link it’s below the pic…

EDIT: on my device it’s #4 my bad…

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 6.58.33 PM

Hope that helps!

Hi Hans,

Great minds think alike … :slight_smile: … My iFi Zen Signature stack was just delivered yesterday.

I bought the bundle from Amazon which includes the 2 iPowerX as well as the 4.4 interconnect and I agree it is indeed great value and sounds better than the Zen Dac V2 alone with the headphones I have tested it with so far (6XX and 660S)



Do you have a link to the bundle? I’ve not seen this. Perhaps it’s not available in the US.


I do not see it on Amazon anymore but is probably available with other iFi resellers.

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Hi David the stack on Amazon UK (from what I can see) is the Zen Dac signature and the Zen Can Signature. So the stream would be an additional purchase at a total cost of £899 and starting to compete with a Schiit stack ar least in stacking capabilities.

At that point they may as well offer a serious power supply to feed all of them from one serious plug with a big external power box and make it a 4 stack :grin:

@Stephane_Yver what are your thoughts on audible improvements against just the Zen Stream and Zen Dac (given it’s double the price)?


Diminishing returns … the Zen Dac V2 is great for the price but the Signature stack is slightly better IMHO. Whether the upgrade is worthwhile is a matter of personal preference.

Personally, the Sennheiser 6 series are the headphones I use daily at my desk and I think iFi has done a very good job with the bass boost and 3D effects on the signature Amp. I have both effects on most of the time.

I also like the split of the features on the signature stack better: the DAC is just a DAC and all the controls & effects are on the Amp whereas, on the regular Zen combo, it is the opposite. As a result the regular Zen Can is pretty much useless because the Zen DAC has all the power & features you need already.

I also like the colour of the Signature stack better so all in all, for me, the Signature stack upgrade was worth it but your mileage may vary.

Hope this helps.



Many thanks for that, it follows my own thought process.

I already have the stream plugged into the original Zen Dac and feeding my Sundaras and I am very happy with the SQ so far and I am happy with it in my study setup.

I think if I was buying new then it would definitely make sense to buy the Stream with the stack (though colours no longer match).

But I think the stream and signature Dac make sense in feeding a good stereo system to add Roon capabilities so that is another good option available out there at a reasonable cost (though coming closer to the MA Mini-I 3 price at that point)

Thanks again for taking the time to write that out


On the iFi website shows exclusive mode: 3. NAA streaming and 4. Roon Bridge Streaming. I assume this is correct and supersedes printed card which came with Zen showing: 2. Roon only and 4. NAA (Network Audio Adaptor) only ?

If anyone is running Roon with HQPlayer can show settings in HQPlayer Preferences and which rear switch setting on Zen?

Jeffrey I am sure I set mine to 2 for Roon only, but I am away from the house so I cannot look. I followed what was printed on the card (from memory) and it worked fine.
I don’t have HQPlayer to check sorry

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I’ll repeat it’s #4, I do not have HQplayer, maybe their tech support can be of assistance…

@Jeffrey_Kenton It should be easy to test this, as when you use a fixed mode everything else is shut down (including the web config page).

Though I have no idea how HQPlayer works sorry

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