New Weezer has not shown up three days after release date

The new Weezer has still not shown up yet after three days from release date?

FYI, I favourited it on the TIDAL app on my phone on Friday (release date).

The album is now there but you are unable to add it to your library. See attached.

Hey Mystic,

To quickly add to library, “Favorite” in Tidal then in Roon go to Settings/Services/Sync Library.

I’ve been geeting good results bringing in new releases into Roon from TIDAL this way.

I had this favourited in TIDAL on Friday (day of release). Most albums I favourite in TIDAL have no problem showing up in Roon. It’s the albums that I favourite in TIDAL prior to Roon having the album available in their library always causes this problem. I remember the exact same thing happened with KW’s new album.