Newbee setting up, Naim Atom not playing through Yamaha 3030


I do have an issue with setting up ROON on my music network. All my devices are in my profile but in case… I use a QNAP TVS882T3 with 2 mirrored SSD for the Database and 6x10TB raid 6 for the music store. I can play these via my Yamaha 3030 (soon to be upgraded) using a laptop (win or ios) for selection and control (via airplay it seems). I have a Naim Atom on the same network (and connected to the amp via HDMI in case) but I cannot get audio via the amplifier. I do not have any speakers connected to the Naim thinking it would play out via the amp. Roon has some interesting connection names I am not aware of such as ASLA, HDA Intel HDMI (Analog, 0, 1, 2). I can have the NAS and Yamaha as a Zone, but not the Naim and Yamaha. I have not tried the Oppo-205 yet… one problem at a time. I hope you can assist.

Hi @Adrian_Gibbons ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are appreciated!

I think this (see below) may be the problem here:

Taken from the Naim website - Specs on the ATOM:

36 AM

Looks like HDMI is only meant as an input and not an output option.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for the confirmation of the connectivity ability of the Atom. There are two more I/Os which are Ethernet or HiFi. I have all my HiFi components wired.

Well after spending a sleepless night mulling over the issue (as engineers do when faced with a problem), I looked at my Roon setup.

  1. Amplifier (and 7.1 speakers)
  2. QNAP Nas
  3. Naim
  4. My work power PC
  5. Antelope Zodiac Platinum DAC from my PC
  6. My Surface laptop (which I setup and fiddle with Roon and components
  7. Oppo-205 which I have not set up in the configuration yet
    I had set the following zones:
  • QNAP and Amplifier (works fine controlled via laptop)
  • Naim and one of the HDA HDMI # listings (which I have no idea what they are). A peculiarity is that once the Amplifier is =E2=80=9Czoned=E2=80=9D with another component, it is not available for any other zones.
  • My PC and DAC
    This morning I decided to group the Amp, NAS and Naim together and eureka! It all came alive and works. It is interesting that I cannot group the Amp, NAS with my PC/DAC as the Amp and NAS do not show up in the available device list.

Well as I fiddle with settings I am becoming more familiar with the Roon product, which I must say is impressive. Easily the best I=E2=80=99ve used including old Winamp, JRiver 22/23, Foobar2000 etc. I haven’t compared the output against JPlay yet.

Thank you again for the reply which in writing the original post, set my analytical brain (retired) to task. At least IT still works!


Ps: Any enlightenment on devices HDA HDMI 0, 1, 2 and analog would help… cheers