Newbie on crossfeed headphones

i’ve been using roon for 3 days and very happy so far. i have a very simple set up.

imac 27 late 2013 512gb ssd–chord mojo dac–oppo pm1 headphone. dac connected by optical cable to imac.

i’m a bit confused about the crossfeed function. for eg do you need a dac or dac/amp that is recognised in the signal chain. as i’m using an optical connection and there is no 2 way communication between roon and dac here only my imac as built in output shows up on the chain. so do you need hardware that is instantly recognisable by roon for crossfeed to work or does the crossfeed dsp engine function apply this feature irrespective of your audio chain so its purely a software adjustment. how does the dsp crossfeed know how to implement this function does it detect the device needed and would i benefit by enabling it based on my chain. i hope this makes sense.

The crossfeed magic happens in software, so just go ahead and give it a try. It does use some processing power, but I’m guessing your iMac is up to it. Crossfeed comes with a few presets, so you can try those and do additional tweaking if you want.

You enable crossfeed in the DSP settings for a particular endpoint, so those questions should sort themselves out pretty quickly.