Newbie question about classical display

Had a search on this forum, but can’t find the answers I want…

  1. how do I have Roon’s genre dsiplay use my tags, not Roon’s genres? I have a small number of broad genres and want to keep them instead of the big list Roon uses. Can’t find an option in the Android app to do this.

  2. under the ‘classical’ genre, I want to see a list of composers. I don’t want artist or album or recent or something else. I can’t find an option to do this.

  3. Is there a way to get rid of the default ‘shuffle’ button at the top of the screen when selecting a genre. I will be dead before I want to use this.

Most important is 2) if I can’t do that Roon is useless to me.

I normally use Minimserver 2 with a Linn DSM, I’m a bit sick of the connection problems between OpenHome servers and the DSM and am hoping Roon will fix these (they are protocol not network related and I am told Roon works much more reliably).

  1. On the Composer’s page you will see an array of pictures of Composers and an option for Classical Only. If you choose Compositions page and sort on Composer and set Classical Only to yes, you will see composers in list form.

  2. No.

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  1. Ah, that’s a reasonable compromise.