Newbie´s Roon - Import etc

started my Roon Trial 3 days ago and here is a short report.
Not listened a single note yet; i am follwoing a stringent plan für my trial period. The first 10 days are for import + fixing album/track etc issues.
approx 80% classical, rest is mixed.
iTunes database (very carefully cherished/edited by me): 6.228 Albums; tracks: approx 82.500
Roon import: 5.821 albums; track: aAbout 84.200
yes: more tracks came to Roon than where in iTunes while having less Albums; will have to check that later.

Import results look quite good. a lot of unidentified albums but that´s due to the fact that i did a lot of manual work in iTunes in order to get albums as i want them. lots of Roon-identified CDs give me interesting additional information, which i did not have bevor. very good!
issues i have to fix in the follwing 10 or so nights: the well known issue of fixing album problems (scattered albums or the opposite: multi box sets i did not intend to be multi box sets … etc. will manage that. i hope).

just on Question: editing shall be don ein Roon, not in iTunes, Right? as everythin in iTunes is a want it to be, i am not About to do there any changes …

like the looks of Roon + the information + the superb velocity of showing up the covers on an iPad; compared to this my puremusic, audirvana + etc remotes are really crap.


Hi @Matthias_Josch — Thanks for reaching out!

Starting out, I’d recommend checking out a few articles in our Knowledge Base:

Generally, you can edit information in Roon and not in iTunes. You can also edit the files directly using a file tagging software if you’d like.