Newcomer build queries

I’m currently trialling Roon. I’m also using an Oppo 105D to read my externally hubbed HDs and Tidal account. I’m going from the Oppo to an old Lexicon MC12 via coaxial digital because I like the panorama processing, so for now want to keep the Lex in the chain. My options are an Intel Nuc Rock build (kept near router and main HIFI) with attached HDs or Roon on PC Win 10 - with an endpoint using chromecast audio optical directly into Lexicon (which also tops out at a matching 96khz input). This would then almost make my Oppo obsolete (except for netflix!). However, with the PC and chromecast audio option, I lose the HDMI into the TV, which is rather nice. I tested a chromecast v.1 into the hdmi input on oppo and that worked well - except of course it maxes out at 48khz! Will the rock NUC option give me the hdmi out? Also, would I be then better feeding this direct to the Oppo? Or still using chromecast audio as an endpoint vis a vis sound quality?

Also! If I buy a NUC kit, my current collection is pretty large - maybe approaching 16TB of flac (44.1khz) and around 3TB of DSD and 3TB of 96khz. Already, the Oppo has to transcode the DSD to PCM to feed to the Lex - so not too bothered there whilst I keep the Lex. What spec for NUC would be ok? Intel NUC 8i5BEH3 - 8th generation i5-8259U CPU - 32GB RAM - 240GB SSD?

Many many thanks! Julian

Would this spec work? Intel NUC 8 Tall - i7 8559U - 500Gb SSD - 32Gb RAM

Thank you - this one is second hand hence the higher specs - I’d just need to overwrite the OS with ROCK?

Thanks very much - I’m liking what I’m seeing with Roon and this community. I think it’s looking like I’m going to commit and subscribe! Very convenient and all the other benefits.

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Just saw this, any thoughts? The fanless idea appeals. Specced up it’s around the £1250 mark though.

Fanless Roon Rock Music Server - Intel i3 7th Gen or i7 8th Gen

Best to use a (faster) m.2 SSD hard ‘drive’ rather than a ‘traditional’ SSD drive, but I’m sure you know that already.

Thanks - I’m afraid I know nothing so much appreciated!