Newcomer need help

Hey guys

Im new to the audiphile scene and just recently got my first high-end headphone the Audeze LCD-X and a JDS Labs Element DAC/Amp.

The first thing i did was to purchase roon and i sure as hell don|t regret it. The experience has been amaying so far.

Being a newbie have a few question though:

  1. Signal Path This is the signal path displayed by roon. Is there anything i could improve in the roon settings to enhance my listening experience further?

  2. Should i be changing the windows 10 system default format for my playback device? It’s 16bit 44100 Hz at the moment.


Welcome Gregor,

To answer your questions:

  1. This can be improved even further. You probably want to ditch the OS Mixer output. That one does some Windows magic and does not play your audio bit perfect to the DAC. Can you not select the JDS Labs DAC in Roon as your output device? Make sure to configure the device as ‘exclusive’.

  2. If you do the above, then none of that is necessary. Forget about messing with audio settings in Windows :slight_smile:


You’ll probably do best setting up a zone specifically for your JDS Element, most likely using Exclusive mode. Once you have the zone set up, you can experiment with Roon’s built-in DSP preset for your LCD-X.

Thank you for your fast reponses. I appreciate it.

I selected the JDS labs DAC as my exclusive output device. Isn’t it supposed show up in the signal path?

Looks like this at the moment:

That signal path looks good. Your DAC/amp isn’t “Roon tested,” so it’s to be expected that it won’t show up explicitly. Meanwhile everything looks A-OK — everything’s bitperfect other than the Audeze-specific PEQ. How’s it sound?

If you’re inclined to tweak a bit more, you could experiment with upsampling/filtering under “Sample Rate Conversion” in the DSP settings. But if you’re happy with things as they are, relax and enjoy the music.