Newer Sonos icons not displaying?

Is there any reason that newer Sonos gear doesn’t identify itself among the “Roon Tested” category and display an icon of itself like older Sonos gear did? My Roon Five just appears as an “Other Network Device” instead of “Roon Tested” and lacks the nifty picture that my older gear shows.

The Sonos 5 isn’t certified Roon Ready since it’s not a RAAT device. It is the Roon Ready/ Roon Tested process that generates the graphics. Fortunately, Roon supports the Sonos protocol, so you can use the 5.

Technically no Sonos speakers are RAAT ready, but all the older Sonos gear is in the “Roon Tested” area “via Sonos streaming”. The newer gear is under “other network devices” also as “via Sonos streaming”. If all use the same protocol “Sonos streaming” they ought be grouped into a single category. Note that all the new Sonos gear appears twice as both an “AirPlay” and “Sonos streaming” speaker.

See pics:

For RAAT devices, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to seek certification, and the icons come from that process. Sonos is somehow different, so maybe you’ll see an icon… if someone provides Roon with the device for testing. I don’t know.

It just looks like a bug to me. I’d report it to support.

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