Newly added album with mislabeled track as MQA

My setup is as follows:
Roon Core:
Windows 10 Pro running on an Intel NUC6i7KYK with 16GB of RAM and 500GB Crucial M.2 SSD

Roon Control:
Windows 10 Pro running on Corei7 4790K with 32GB of RAM and 256 GB Corsair SSD.

Stored on a Synology DS1515 on a pair of 4TB WD Red drives in RAID 1 configuration.

I recently ripped a CD (No Doubt - Rocksteady) using dBpoweramp’s CD Ripper. I added the album to Roon without any issues, but it incorrectly identifies one of the tracks (Track 9 - Running) as MQA DSD 64 in addition to 44.1 16 bit. This is obviously incorrect. I’ve tried rescanning the entire album, just the track, and overwriting the file, but it’s still misidentified. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference.

Interesting. Just checking: are you running the latest Roon build (242)?

If so, this is probably related to the newly added MQA sniffing/detection functionality. @support will probably like to look at that file – is there any way you can share it (via Dropbox or other means)?

Sorry! I forgot to mention. I am indeed running the latest build of Roon.
Here’s a link to the file:


Thanks for the report, I can reproduce.


I’ve just downloaded Roon tonight, so latest build, currently on trial basis.

Been scanning by music database and I have loads of these tracks ripped from CD incorrectly identified as MQA

Same with me happening today.

Same here.

So far i have 3 tracks like that

Both are cd rips 44.1 16 bit flac files

One is indicated as 706khz mqa and the other as dsd128 mqa.
I did not understand about dsd mqa thing. Is there such a thing , dsd with mqa decoding…??

No Doubt cracked the MQA code years before MQA officially existed.

I bet ELO’s “Secret Messages” CD unfolds to an original sample rate of 1536 kHz. And if you play it backwards, it says, “MQA is dead.”



It looks like the MQA “sniffing” code we received from MQA is firing off false positives on some non-MQA tracks. We’ll get this sorted out.

And no, there is no such thing as “MQA DSD64”. It’s just bad data coming out of the code when it tries to interpret random data as a sample rate.

I’ve also run into this issue, unless this one track has decided to take “high res” to the megahertz level:


after the most recent update (build 242), I have additional information on some of my tracks. Is that by design?

The screenshot shown is not from a new rip, just a tag re-edit. The information is not showing on all albums, just on the ones recently edited.

@support is that something for you?

Yes, when you have mixed sample rates. Part 2 of this composition is reported as MQA. If you know that this track isn’t MQA - let us know.

it certainly isn’t… it’s a flac rip from CD that was done months ago…

Would you mind to share the track with us ?

sure - just tell me how

I am working thorugh my library and updating recording dates in my tags. Seems to be reproducible for the albums I update the Recording Date and Location tags. But that may be a coincidence.

I’ve sent you a PM with instructions. Thanks

Might be helpful?:
I am getting strange audio informations too.
This track

is a plain aiff 24bit 44.1khz file.

I don’t have any MQA - files in my library

I spotted an MQA file from a CD that predates MQA.

We’re on this guys – working on a fix, as per Brian’s post above: