Newly added files are not appearing [Solved]

I am having problems similar to the ones mentioned above. I have added 10 FLAC 96/24 (downloaded from iTrax) to my music folder and they are not appearing in my Roon library. I have tried dragging and copying, placing the files in separate folder on my desktop, placing them in different music folders, rescanning, disabling, removing and rebooting. Nothing. I have music files in several locations and now I’m wondering if all of my files are being picked up. I am running the latest version of Roon on a TOSHIBA Portege R830 laptop with Windows 7 Pro. I have had no other major issues since I have been using Roon. I have FLAC, DSD, MP3 and ALAC files and they all play flawlessly. Help!

I have several iTrax albums in my Roon collection. Aside from not picking up any meta data, I don’t have an issue with them. Make sure that you did not buy the MCH (multi channel) version if one exists as Roon does not play nor display multi-channel files. What did you get?

Eureka! They are MCH files. Darn! Disappointing, but at least I know what the problem is. Should have researched more thoroughly. I’ve been playing these on foobar with no problems, so I guess, I’ll have to stick with that. Thanks for your help. Any good album suggestions? I’m open to any good music. I downloaded Afro Cuban Jazz Project.
Have a great day!

The Sprint Sampler is great for the money. I also have the AIX ALL Star band’s Pachelbel Canon Acoustica, and Goldberg Variations Acoustica. Non stop live jam based on the classic works. Great background music and well recorded. I’ll have to give ACJP a listen.

Thanks. I’ll check them out. Thanks again for your help