News: HiFi Man SUSVARA

Yes, they are here, I am going to sell my car so I can afford this headphones. :upside_down:


With the option to buy them at Amazon (Not prime may I add.)

Lucky you, just a car!
I’ve already placed a sales ad on eBay for one of my kidneys to get one. This ridiculous never ending upward trajectory of pricing in the audio universe defies gravity and logic.

Do we even enjoy music anymore or it’s just about self-importance owing expensive gadgets, obsessively analyzing graphs, dacs, headphones, amps, cables and waxing lyrical in our grandiosity.

Hey if Focal Utopia can go north of $4000 (which is ridiculous) why can’t Hifiman top that with $6000?

Then some reviewers and owners will aggressively convince us of the greatness of this HP if we just pair it with a $8000 amp and upgrade the cable to $1200 Audioacousticsfibreresonance.


SOOOOOO True and agreed… I feel the same, I am sorry but I have to throw under the bus this “company’s” who sell this “specialized” systems that have insane price… I can do the same for a small fraction of the prize. I know… Is targeted for a specific crowd… But still!

I can see Audeze coming out with a $8,000 so this will render it obsolete.

Oh wait, the new $10,000 Sennheiser HD1500 sounds sweet!..

I hate seeing personal audio go the way of home audio in regards to pricing. I personally don’t believe it to be sustainable in either space.

Not only is the price absurd but the apparent reliability issues makes it all that much worse.