News section and manual?


I’m a fanatical user of Roon with a lifetime membership, but not a fanatical reader of this forum.

First the very good:the forum is great when you have a problem or just want to spend some time reading. The quality of the support is outstanding IMO.

Room for improvement in my opinion:

  1. “News” section:The blog is obviously on life support now. Is it not possible to create a ‘news’ section focused on formal decisions, announcements of new products, and an explanation of the releases and their features ?

  2. The guys working on the Faq’s are doing a terrific job. However, I’m concerned with the manageability of the use of forums as only support mechanism. There is no version control and I start to see happening what makes Jriver so difficult to start with.
    A new user is referred to the fora for information but there is now way for him to verify what is the best way to do something, a possible way of doing things and the wrong way to do things.
    I’m probably old fashioned but I would really like a manual that is verified and coordinated with new releases so that there is one validated source of information.

What do you think please ?

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In another thread, Danny said that the new website design was almost ready, so I guess it might address some of these issue.

We’re actively working on a knowledge base site that should make things more manageable. Support (and discussion) will all continue to happen here on community, but documentation and FAQs will migrate over there.