Next capital nonsense in Roon metadata

Such nonsense that I don’t even feel like writing in English!

Andrzej Wajda to WYBITNY REŻYSER filmowy a nie muzyk!
Otrzymał Oscar w roku 2000 za całokształt twórczości.
Muzyka to dziedzina KULTURY; a co Roon ma z kulturą wspólnego skoro jego pracownicy trobią takie kardynalne błędy. To już w ogóle nie jest śmieszne…

Shame on you Roon employee!


Courtesy of Google translate:

“Andrzej Wajda is an OUTSTANDING film director, not a musician!
He received an Oscar in 2000 for lifetime achievement.
Music is the field of CULTURE; and what does Roon have to do with culture when his employees make such cardinal mistakes. It’s not funny anymore”

It seems that this metadata appears in, one of Roon’s metadata suppliers.

Hi @Lonek,

As Brian suggested, it looks like these are bad credits stemming from one of our metadata providers. We will reach out to them about getting this corrected. Thanks!

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