Nexus 6 only connects once [fixed]

Windows 10 running roon core.
Nexus 6 running roon remote.
Initial launch roon remote works fine. Switch back to it after some time and it just says waiting to connect to roon core, but never connects. Restating app doesn’t help, flight mode on/off doesn’t help. Roon remote just doesn’t work :frowning:

Hi @Richard_Mayston ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

To help me evaluate what could be causing this issue to occur, may I kindly ask you to verify the following information for me:

  1. You’re running the most recent build?

  2. When you notice that the remote is struggling to connect, the machine hosting your core isn’t going into any sort of sleep/power saving mode, correct?

  3. Have you tried reinstalling the remote application on the Nexus 6?

  4. Are you noticing this behavior with any other remote device you may be using?



it was the wifi router!
The vdsl modem finally died completely, got replaced and now on the new 5g wireless roon remote works fine.

Sorry for accusing roon.

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We’re used to it :wink:

Glad this was resolved!

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